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Professionally carried out website optimization and a properly tailored link building strategy ensure long-term effects in the form of high rankings for key phrases and organic traffic.

Currently, website positioning is a comprehensive service that requires an individual approach and development of a precise action strategy. Find out why you should entrust your website SEO to us.

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Increase in visibility

Improving the visibility of the website, and thus increasing the number of key phrases on which the page is displayed, means reaching a wider audience. Thanks to SEO optimization, the website will achieve higher positions for the queries entered by search engine users, which in turn will improve the CTR click-through rate, which shows the interest in the website content.

Brand recognition

The presence of the website in the Google index strengthens brand awareness among potential customers using the search engine. Positioning the company’s website helps the brand name achieve high positions in organic results, which increases its recognition.

More organic traffic

Positioning the website in Google and other search engines allows for a significant increase in visits by people interested in your services or product. Thanks to us, you will gain new users and gain valuable traffic on your website.

Rozwój Twojego biznesu

We do not limit our activities to phrase positioning. During the cooperation, we are constantly looking for opportunities to develop your website and propose solutions that will allow you to fully use its potential.

Increase in revenues

Pozyskany dzięki SEO jakościowy ruch przekłada się na wymierne efekty w postaci wzrostu przychodów czy liczby pozyskanych leadów. Bierzemy pod uwagę różne czynniki, które wpływają na liczbę konwersji i maksymalizują Twoje zyski.

Expert comment

Website positioning is a comprehensive service including, among others a strategy for expanding the content on the website, increasing its visibility in search results and technical SEO responsible for the optimization of the website architecture and its efficient indexation by search engine robots. Website optimization along with link building activities allows for long-term effects in the form of high positions and valuable organic traffic. Order SEO for your website, increase the revenue it generates and become more recognizable on the Internet.

Kamil Tekiela
SEO Team Leader

What will you get?

Find out what you get from working with Semahead.

Positioning wide

Based on website analysis and its competitors, we create a list of carefully selected keywords related to important categories and products on the site which are the basis for building visibility and generating traffic on the website. We do not limit our activities to the positioning of a selected group of phrases – we adhere to the strategy of wide positioning and we take into account different wnie precise phrases from long tail, which provide the most conversions. Positioning long tail < span class = “NormalTextRun SCXW112939976 BCX0”> helps to reach users most interested in what our website offers.

SEO audit
Analysis for mobile SEO
Content Marketing
User Experience Analysis
Off-site activities
SEO support and consulting

Case study

Check how we increased organic traffic by 1000% thanks to SEO efforts in the legal industry.


Comprehensive SEO analysis

Precise selection of key phrases to the website offer, content enrichment, technical optimization, constant analysis of competitors’ activities and creative development projects – at each stage of cooperation, we propose solutions that will allow you to fully use the potential of your website.

Link building

We will provide your website with natural, high-quality links from the Bauer Group websites, including one of the largest information portals in Poland, visited by millions of users every day. We are aware that an important element of the linking strategy is the diversification of the sources of links led to the site, therefore our off-site activities are supported by our back-up with valuable and thematic content.

SEO data-driven

Our activities are carried out in a data-driven model, using real data obtained from tools such as Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, SiteBulb or Surfer SEO or information obtained on the basis of server log analysis. We create SEO guidelines based on the actual condition of the website.


We focus not only on acquiring traffic, but also maintaining it and adjusting the website’s value to the recipient’s expectations, which in turn is an important factor improving effective website positioning. Increasing the intuitiveness and usability of the website influences the optimization of the conversion path, which means a greater number of leads or orders.

Transparency of activities

Every month you receive a comprehensive SEO report from our activities, including all the most important information about your website in organic results. Summary of traffic and conversions, traffic quality, current phrase positions, a description of our activities and examples of links we obtained in a given month. We also provide access to tools that allow you to verify the results of our work.


  • Thanks to the work of SEO experts, we implemented the proposed changes to our website, improving its visibility.

    A properly implemented linkbuilding strategy increased its position in the search engine. It is worth mentioning that working with the Semahead Agency is pure pleasure. Since its inception, our company has recorded regular increases, thanks to the work of experts who not only know the industry well, but also understand our business. Professionalism, high quality and excellent communication are the basis of our cooperation. Bearing in mind the overall cooperation and the results achieved, I recommend the Semahead Agency as a trustworthy partner who has a real impact on the business results of our company.


    Mateusz Ciba - Project Manager
  • The Semahead agency provides us with services in the field of PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, web analytics and Social Media.

    We appreciate the professional approach of specialists, which is manifested in the knowledge of the market and great commitment to building the image of the Black Red White brand on the Internet. I recommend the Semahead agency as a trustworthy partner in conducting internet marketing activities.

    Magdalena Matela - Manager e-commerce
  • Semahead Agency is a unique group of experienced SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Analytics and Marketing Automation experts who are eager to share their knowledge and help in discovering the most effective ways of business development.

    Professional approach, customer service and the ability to communicate on both sides, unparalleled in the market, make Semahead a trustworthy partner. Throughout the period of our cooperation, they have built enormous trust, incl. thanks to the much-needed critical thinking skills, both to the client’s propositions and ideas, and to their own strategies or results.

    Mateusz Piszczek - Digital Marketing Manager
  • Professional, fruitful and pleasant cooperation. Semahead has been with us since 2016 and we can no longer imagine SEO activities for without them.

    The organically growing player base is a key issue for us, and thanks to the Agency, the charts are growing again. We appreciate a flexible approach to our changing needs and patience. The constant possibility of consulting with Semahead experts is invaluable, and besides … we just like each other 🙂

    The Gamedesire team
  • We have been cooperating with Semahead in the field of SEO for a very long time.

    What we value most is the professional and individual approach to the client, constant and always problem-free contact, as well as the opportunity to meet at any time and discuss individual activities. I recommend Semahead to everyone who is looking for an SEO agency with a modern approach and a competent team.

    KEI team


Only proven tools

Our activities are based on data, therefore, at every stage of our work, we use professional and advanced tools that enable us to conduct a thorough real-time analysis of each area of ​​the website.


Find out the answers to the most common questions about website positioning.

SEO - what is it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of websites for search engines. It is the process of improving the website, which leads to achieving the highest possible position on the SERP page with search results. After the user enters a query into the search engine window, he will receive a list of pages that Google deems most in line with his intentions. The more your site is optimized, the more likely it is to be in the best result group. Being on the first page of Google increases the chance that the user will find our site ahead of competitors’ websites.

SEO - what is it?
What is website positioning?
When will I see the effects of positioning?
Why is my page not visible on Google?
How much does SEO cost?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of websites for search engines. It is the process of improving the website, which leads to achieving the highest possible position on the SERP page with search results. After the user enters a query into the search engine window, he will receive a list of pages that Google deems most in line with his intentions. The more your site is optimized, the more likely it is to be in the best result group. Being on the first page of Google increases the chance that the user will find our site ahead of competitors’ websites.

Positioning a website is a set of activities aimed at ensuring its highest position in the search engine ranking. These include link building, website usability improvement, content marketing and, above all, SEO optimization. Positioning is an effective advertisement that allows you to reach a large number of users and potential customers.

Effective SEO is a long process of adapting to changes in search algorithms and constantly developing your site. The speed of the achieved results depends on many factors, such as the situation of the party or the competitiveness of a given industry. However, SEO optimization of the website in accordance with good practices recommended by Google results in permanent results in the form of increases in the search engine.

The absence of a page in search results for user queries may be dependent on many factors, such as optimization errors, changes in Google algorithms, poor links or change of addressing URL. Already at the offer level, we examine the current situation of your website and draw conclusions that help at a later stage of website positioning. Our activities comply with Google’s guidelines and do not expose the website to penalties imposed by the search engine.

Positioning costs depend on the size and type of website. Positioning an online store requires more investment than working on a small offer page. The competitiveness of a given industry is also important, which determines how quickly it will be possible to achieve the assumed business goals. Depending on these factors, we offer flexible billing methods based on the increase in revenues obtained thanks to cooperation with us, the increase in traffic that we generate, leads obtained on the website or an SEO subscription in the form of a fixed monthly fee.

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