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The scope of analyses includes examining the degree of website goals achievement, analysing the strategy of division and effectiveness of website traffic as well as examining the impact of market environment and external conditions on business efficiency.

Analiza stron internetowych

Optimization of conversion rate

We will determine the number of optimization cycles needed to achieve a satisfactory result and present them in the form of a work schedule.

Traffic analysis

We will verify whether you invest funds in appropriate marketing channels and whether their effectiveness is at a sufficient level. We will present a list of recommendations for improving your advertising mix.

User analysis

We will segment users of the website into groups with common behavioural or demographic characteristics (and on this basis we will tell you what your clients (personas) are).

Market environment and external conditions analysis

We will check how market, weather conditions, seasonality and other phenomena that you cannot control affect the efficiency of the website.

Make money 

Thanks to our analyses, you will not waste funds on ineffective campaigns. You will also be able to increase revenues from your business.

Improving user’s conversion paths.

We design personalized conversion optimization processes because each business has different features and only an individual approach has a chance to succeed.

Increase profits

User behaviour analysis allows us to understand them. Thanks to this analysis, it is possible to customize the website or application to the needs of potential customers and encourage them to spend more with it.

Make users trust you

Our analysis provides insight on how to convince new users to become your customers and how to motivate those who have already bought or used your services to do it again.

We help you better understand your business

Our website and application research allows you to have a look at your company or department from a new perspective.

From the practical side

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about website analysis, mobile applications and market environment.

Why do I need website analysis?

The analysis is performed to develop a company or service based on data. Such an approach often allows to provide a competitive advantage and discover previously unnoticed issues and opportunities.

How does data analysis work?

Our activities begin with an audit concerning verifying the availability of various types of data sources. The next step is to validate their correctness and prepare them for an analysis. Then, we examine and draw conclusions based on which we recommend corrective actions to the client.

How long does conversion rate optimization take?

The conversion optimization process is planned individually for each client. We recommend at least one and a half month duration time - data collection takes place for five weeks and then, during the next week, they are processed to develop recommendations.

Why should I know users of the site?

By collecting and analysing data about users, you will be able to anticipate their needs, make them feel appreciated and create a place where they will gladly return.

Area of analysis 

How do we conduct our analysis?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Preparing lists of all elements that will be analysed and providing the estimated result of the optimization;
  • Presenting a schedule of activities after recognizing technical possibilities;
  • Testing selected elements of a website and their impact on the conversion rate;
  • Preparing a draft of changes regarding subpages and its effectiveness comparison;
  • For the final implementation, we choose the project that excelled at our tests.

Traffic analysis

Traffic analysis

  • Choosing data sources for analysis;
  • Exporting data using various tools and the R programming language;
  • Modifying data to create custom sets to find hidden patterns;
  • Carrying out a variety of activities, such as comparative and correlation analyses, regression studies and trend analysis;
  • ;
  • Investigating various types of anomalies appearing in data to detect their cause;
  • Creating visualizations;
  • Preparing a report with visualizations, conclusions and recommendations allowing advertising activities optimization.

Website users’ analysis

Website users’ analysis

  • Segmenting users considering demographic and behavioural features;
  • Obtaining crucial data on users by analysing the viewed content, transaction data, input sources and their involvement degree;
  • Visualizing data in the form of charts and tables;
  • Supplementing the visualization report with data from all possible sources, e.g. Facebook Insights, to get the most complete picture of a persona;
  • Modifying a report to create personalized customer descriptions understandable for each company department Market environment and external conditions analysis;
  • Determining which aspects of the market or external conditions may have affected the website traffic;
  • Selecting sources to obtain external data from;
  • Analysing internal and external data looking for correlations and causes;
  • Crating a summary report that allows discovering the causes and understand changes in website statistics.

Market environment and external conditions analysis

Market environment and external conditions analysis

  • Determining which aspects of the market or external conditions may have affected the website traffic;
  • Selecting sources to obtain external data from;
  • Analysing internal and external data looking for correlations and causes;
  • Crating a summary report that allows discovering the causes and understand changes in website statistics.


We do not only use the best tools available on the market, but also create our own analytical solutions.


Google Analytics is the most frequently used system for testing website traffic. If more advanced methods of conversion attribution are needed, we rely on analytical systems that allow the integration and analysis of various data sources in one place. In the case of conversion rate optimization, we additionally use heat map generation tools such as Mouseflow, SessionCam, HotJar. In addition, we employ Google Optimize to perform A / B tests and conduct sales trend analyses at TradeWatch.


How our partnership will look like?

  1. Tools access

    In order to analyse a website and provide you with the best quality recommendations, we will need access to analytical tools.

  2. Tools implementation

    If you do not have the appropriate tools installed, we will place them on your website using Google Tag Manager or send guidelines for their implementation.

  3. Data gathering

    After installing the tools or optimizing the conversion rate, a few weeks will be required to collect the appropriate amount of data.

  4. Additional aspects of cooperation

    If we notice any website elements that require improvement, we will send you relevant information, even if it is not the matter of the order.

  5. Report preparation

    A report you receive will be presented in an attractive form. If the data needs to be discussed, we will offer a free consultation with a specialist.

Expert comment 


In-depth, personalized site analysis will help you precisely locate the most important areas of potential optimization. From the analysis of the best practices implementation, through the analysis of heat maps and session recordings, to the classic data analysis – any source of information about your website can significantly improve the quality of its users’ experience. Basing your decisions on data is a foundation which guarantees that traffic gained through various channels brings the expected results.
Ewa KańczukHead of Analytics

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