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A company blog or branded content website is not only an effective way to increase brand awareness, but also an engaging tool used for educating your target group. Valuable, tailored to the needs of your potential customers content will bring them closer to conversion and make them loyal brand ambassadors. We operate comprehensively: from designing a creative idea, through setting up a blog, to creating content as well as its publication and distribution.

Company blog strategy

Our activities start with a creative idea that is based on the goal you specify. We prepare a description of blog cycles with assigned formats, goals and KPIs.

Regular blog schedules

Running a blog should not be spontaneous. The basis of our activities are detailed schedules where all information about planned content publication is specified.

Top-notch content

We hire experienced editors and copywriters. Due to that fact, we can be sure that our content has high substantive value, engage recipients and comply with webwriting principles.

Monitoring and reporting

We analyse the results of our activities and keep you informed. In the monthly report you will find key KPIs, the most important conclusions and recommendations as well as a short commentary prepared by a specialist responsible for the project.

What are the benefits of working with us? 

We are your external marketing department. We have extensive competences in all areas of internet marketing.

Creating new contact points with your brand

Any content on the company blog is an additional point of contact with your brand. We create them to reach users at various stages of customer journey - from awareness, through interest and consideration to conversion and loyalty. We use micro-moments to build positive experiences with your website that will result in conversions.

Activities based on data

Before starting to publish content, we audit the Google Analytics account and configure it for the blog. Thanks to the obtained data, we will be able to verify the quality of content, its adaptation to personas and assess if the blog actually participated in achieving the goals.

Various tools at hand, not only for copywriters and content marketers

Running a blog consist primarily of a lot of creative work and impeccable journalistic skills. However, this is not enough. There are tools that help us run a blog effectively - these are not only for content marketers, but also for SEO and SM specialists. BuzzSumo, Keyword Planner or Senuto just to name a few.

Content distribution and promotion

As a 360 agency, we can deal not only with running a company blog, but also its promotion and distribution in social media, mailings or Google Ads. In this way, we reach a wider group of your current and potential customers.

Practical aspects 

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about running a company blog.

Why should you have a company blog?

Blogs, sections and content websites are effective tools for building brand awareness, creating desirable image, acquiring leads and increasing sales. Content that match clients need will help you create customer loyalty and also acquire new ones.

A company blog is a showcase of your brand that says a lot about its values, mission and archetype. High-quality content signed by your brand reaches users at various stages of the customer journey of your target group.

The content section also supports positioning of your website. All content for the blog is created in line with the principles of webwriting and optimized for SEO. It will not only be attractive for users, but also for Google robots. Such actions ensure that the website is visible in the search engine and, as a consequence, also increase organic traffic.

What marketing goals can a company blog achieve?

A company blog can help in, for example:

  • reaching new representatives of the target group,
  • strengthening the brand image,
  • increasing website traffic,
  • increasing commitment and loyalty among the target group,
  • educating,
  • acquiring leads,
  • increasing sales.
  • What does a blog schedule consists of?

    Our schedules include a range of information about the content we plan to publish in the following month. You will find out about titles of the content along with an extensive summary and an offer of additional visual content.

    The content we offer includes not only current trends, but also considers your marketing calendar with planned on-line and off-line promotional campaigns. When planning content, we use a number of tools such as BuzzSumo, AnswearThePublic or Google Trends. Topics that your target group raises on the Internet, e.g. in social media, provide us with valuable inspiration for new publications.

    We remember to optimize content and support the positioning of your website. In the schedule you will find keywords assigned to individual publications - we select them using tools such as Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, Senuto or Ahrefs.

    How many times have a foreigner told you that Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world? Linguistic correctness is an absolute basis when running company blogs. Editing and proofreading is always done by a specialist - no tool will manage to do that correctly.

    What is inside a blog report?

    We report the effects of our activities in a regular report - usually monthly. It contains information on company blog traffic broken down by channel and traffic quality parameters.

    You can learn who the recipients of your content are and how much income they generate for your business. We will also create a list of the most popular and engaging content in the analysed period. In addition to the figures, each report has a commentary from a CM specialist who is responsible for running your blog.

    Activities implemented as part of the service 

    Running a company blog from A to Z

    Detailed briefing

    Detailed briefing

    We talk about your business, define the challenges your brand faces and define the business and marketing goals you want to achieve.



    Based on the briefing and available data about your target group (e.g. from Google Analytics) we create model representatives of key target groups for your brand.

    Creative idea

    Creative idea

    We present the blog's big idea and provide detailed strategic and operational information on each individual cycle and blog category.

    Setting up a blog

    Setting up a blog

    We install and configure the WordPress template with plugins and widgets; and optimize it for loading speed.

    Editorial blog policy

    Editorial blog policy

    We create an internal document in which we collect all guidelines for content creators involved in the project.

    Blog analytics

    Blog analytics

    We configure the Google Analytics account to enable reliable assessment of the results of our content marketing activities.



    We prepare product graphics, banners, infographics and other visual content formats to be placed on the company blog. We also use stock photo databases.

    Blog schedule

    Blog schedule

    We create a publishing calendar in which we include all key information about planed content.

    Content creation

    Content creation

    We prepare high-quality content, adjusted in terms of communication and level of formality, for your target group.

    Content optimization

    Content optimization

    We optimize every content to the previously assigned key phrases.

    Content implementation

    Content implementation

    We publish content on a blog in accordance with the schedule.

    Content distribution

    Content distribution

    We distribute and promote blog content on a previously selected channels like mailing, Facebook or Google Ads.



    Every month we prepare a report in which you will find the most important information about the effects of our activities, along with a comment from the blog maintainer.


    Check how your business growth path step by step.

    1. Detailed briefing

      To prepare a blog strategy for your business, we need to get to know it well - we want to learn as much as possible about the specificity of your product, industry and the features of the target group.

    2. Creative idea

      We will clearly present our vision on your company blog. All ideas will be collected in a document that will be the basis for the implementation of subsequent activities.

    3. Scheduled activities

      You know exactly what and when content is published. We operate on monthly schedules which include information about our activities.

    4. Transparent reporting

      You can track the effects of our activities thanks to the reports we prepare. You will find there hard figures and a professional commentary with conclusions written by a CM specialist. Reports are the basis for further optimization of our activities.

    Expert comment 


    Valuable content tailored to the recipients is the basis for any company: from category and product descriptions to blog texts and expert articles to custom campaigns using user-generated content or influencers. Strategic content marketing based on data and based on various tools not only strengthens the visibility of the website in search results, but also builds the brand image and increases conversions. Entrust us with content marketing activities that will fill your customers’ shopping path.
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