Allegro Ads:
increase sales with the most popular auction site in Poland 

Expand the range of your offer with Allegro Ads. Stand out from the crowd of other offers and reach a wider range of customers. Discover benefits of running Allegro Ads campaigns:

Sales increase

With Allegro Ads you will increase the visibility of your offers placed on Consequently, you will reach more users and sell more on the platform.

Competitive advantage

Thanks to Allegro Ads, your offers are displayed at the very top of the page, so a potential customer sees them first. As a result, the likelihood of clicking and reviewing your offer increases significantly.

Returns to scale

Allegro users usually sort auctions by price and popularity which is regarded by the system as the number of items sold. Additional promotion strengthens the bandwagon effect - the more products sold in the auction, the higher it is in a given category, and therefore the sale gets even higher.

Offers display at each stage of the funnel

You can increase your brand recognition thanks to the image ad that is displayed above the search results. Sponsored offers are tailored to the specific needs of the user, while the advertising network is the opportunity to close sales and reach new users.

See what makes us stand out 

We want your campaigns to be the best. Check what you can expect.

Precise estimation

Based on keyword campaign planner tools, historical search potential trends and extensive experience, we can accurately estimate campaign costs and maximize sales.

Comprehensive service

We provide a professional and comprehensive Allegro Ads campaign which includes its preparation, implementation, conducting and optimization.

Reports and analyses

We run and optimize Allegro Ads' advertising activities continuously during the contract. In monthly reports we will present the effectiveness of our campaigns with a short comment. The conclusions of the analysis can be used in other advertising channels.

Help with creating offers

In addition to running the campaign, we help to properly prepare product offers. With our guidance, your offer will encourage visitors to make purchase, contain an exhaustive description of the product, have positive graphics and relevant headlines containing keywords.

Holistic view on advertising activities

We are specialists in running campaigns on various advertising systems, therefore we can look at the business as a whole. If the Allegro Ads campaign does not bring measurable results, we will propose other activities tailored to your business.

Delegated project supervisor and teams of specialists

We are happy to answer all your questions, introduce you to the secrets of online marketing and run Allegro Ads in a transparent way.

Allegro Ads: FAQ 

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Allegro Ads.

What is Allegro Ads?

Allegro ads is the advertising system created by the Allegro portal which mainly promotes offers within this platform.

Where do my Allegro Ads ads appear?

Allegro offers several placements where your ads can appear:

Within Allegro:

  • In search results (first two and last two positions);
  • To the left of the search results, below the filters;
  • On the item page in sponsored offers of the same category;
  • On the main page or on the Allegro category page.

  • Outside Allegro: ● On Facebook - as part of remarketing, they reach people who saw the offer but did not convert. ● In Google search engine - as Google Ads, they reach users who are directed to an offer on Allegro after clicking on the advertisement.

    What do I pay for?

    The costs include the budget you want to spend on the campaign and the agency's margin. Allegro offers 2 settlement models:

    CPC - payment takes place only after clicking on the advertisement and thus switching to the seller's offer page.

    CPM - cost per thousand impressions. The model is available only in the graphic advertisement displayed above the search results which leads to Allegro offers.

    What budget do I need to run the Allegro Ads campaign?

    The budget is the declared amount you want to spend on the campaign. There are two types:

  • Daily budget - the maximum amount of daily advertising expenditure;
  • Total budget - the total amount you want to invest in advertising during the campaign period.

  • The value of the daily budget is not less than PLN 3. This is the minimum amount you need to have to run campaigns.

    What is the Allegro Ads campaign planner?

    It is a tool that helps you plan and optimize campaigns. It presents data on average monthly reach, CPC or competition. The tool is available to users who have spent a total of at least PLN 3,000 or had a professional subscription over Allegro Ads in the last three settlement periods.

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