Expand your e-commerce with the PLA campaign 

Product campaigns on Google are among the most effective campaign types for the e-commerce industry. Due to their presentation in the search engine, they have a very high conversion rate. Check the offer today!

Effective sales

High conversion rate and low cost of customer acquisition make product campaigns the most effective method of selling products in an online store.

Clear product presentation

An attractive form of photo advertising stands out among text ads in Google search results. A price is presented already at the search engine level, which means that only people interested in the offer click on the advertisement.

Better efficiency

An attractive form of photo advertising stands out among text ads in Google search results. A price is presented already at the search engine level, which means that only people interested in the offer click on the advertisement.

Up-to-date advertisement

Google is constantly updating prices and product availability. New products in the offer are added automatically, without the need for interference in the system.

Better potential customers matching

Product information is displayed in the search engine, so the user does not have to enter the store to find out about the offer. Ads have high conversion because they are targeted at users' needs and appears when requested.

Semahead CSS – Google CSS product comparison 

Using our Semahead CSS comparison tool means almost 20% lower CPC rates for our customers than in standard Google purchases. Check the offer today!

In 2017, the European Commission imposed a penalty of 2.4 billion euros on Google for using monopolistic practices and favouring its comparison tool in Google purchases. As a consequence, Google has provided the possibility to broadcast product ads by other CSS comparison tools – such as Semahead CSS.Semahead CSS:

Up to 20% cheaper cost per click in product campaigns (higher ROAS)

Standard product ads (PLA) issued by Google are subject to a mark-up charged with each click. However, if you use Semahead CSS, CPC rates are cheaper up to 20%, as they are not burdened with a technological margin.

Better "coverage" of product ads

A larger share of ad impressions is possible, i.e. the ad may appear in more exposed places or more often.

Noticeable increase in impressions and clicks

We can achieve a larger reach and higher CTR thanks to better ad exposure in product slots, with the same or lower CPC rates.

Free campaign means costs reduction

For our clients, using the Semahead CSS comparison tool is free for unlimited time.

Product campaign: frequently asked questions 

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning PLA.

What is a product campaign?

The product campaign (PLA campaign, Google Shopping campaign, Google Shopping) is a type of sales campaign intended for online stores.

Do I need a product campaign?

Yes, provided that you run an online store. Product campaigns are intended for sellers who want to promote their internet or local offer in a search engine.

Where does the ad appear?

The advertisement is displayed on the right side of the search results or directly above all results. It can appear in the "Shopping" and "Graphics" tabs. If your campaign includes search partners, your ad will appear on the partner's site and on the Google Display Network. Product ads can appear simultaneously with text ads but are independent.

What does product advertising look like

The ad is based primarily on the product image, name, price and address of the online store. Displayed items come from a product data file found in Merchant Center.

What is a product feed file?

Product feed file is a file containing a description and attributes of products. Usually seen as XML, CVS, TXT file or is created in a spreadsheet of Google documents.

What is Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center (GMC) - is a tool that has constantly updated information about products sold in the store. Google uses the data to match user queries to ads to display the most relevant products.

What are the types of product ads?

  • Product ads - based on product data from Merchant Center;
  • Product ads with presentation function - allow grouping of related products and their joint presentation. This format not available in Poland;
  • Catalogue advertisements of products available locally - allow presenting products available in a brick and mortar store when customers are inside or in its close vicinity and are looking for specific items.
  • What is a smart product campaign?

    Intelligent product campaign aka smart PLA is a sub-type of campaign that combines standard product campaigns and GDN remarketing campaigns, and is based on machine learning. Smart PLA automatically places ads on websites and adjusts bids for clicks, increasing the reach and effectiveness of ads.

    How do I pay for product campaign?

    The fees varies slightly depending on the type of advertising. In Poland, settlements are available based on:

    CPC – cost per click on an ad

    The fee is charged only when the user clicks on an ad.

    CPE – cost per engagement

    Measured by interaction - scrolling, touching or clicking the ad. Used for catalogue ads for locally available products.

    Why us? 

    Find out why you should work with us.

    Years of experience

    Years of experience

    We have been running Google campaigns for our clients since 2008. Our portfolio includes the largest Polish online stores.

    Access to tools

    Access to tools

    In addition to standard actions in the Google Ads panel and Google Merchant Center, we use DataFeedWatch which makes it possible to adapt the product feed to the advertising activities.

    Knowledge and education

    Knowledge and education

    We constantly train - ourselves and our clients. We understand that our knowledge gives us a competitive advantage.

    Focused on results

    Focused on results

    Our main goal is to increase revenues. That is why we are not limited to running a PLA campaign: we also suggest how the feed and product page should look like in order to get the best results.

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