Online stores positioning 

The e-commerce market in Poland is constantly developing, and the response to the dynamically growing demand is the increasing number of online stores. High competition in the industry requires actions that will ensure website visibility in the search engine and help in reaching potential customers. Positioning of the online store allows you to achieve more organic traffic on the site, which, combined with the UX analysis of the site and optimization of the shopping path, means increased conversion and increased revenue in your store.

Reaching clients

Their presence in free search results is the source of the most profitable traffic for many online stores. The technological development has influenced the way consumers purchase products - most of them use a search engine before making a purchase decision. Positioning and optimization of the online store, thanks to which the page is displayed on queries entered by users, allow reaching a large group of potential customers.

Being successful on the e-commerce market

Visibility in the search engine translates into the number of visits to your website. The more customers know about its existence, the better sales results you can achieve. The goal of SEO activities for e-commerce is constant optimization and taking care of the website's development to promote products and categories offered by the store and gain a competitive advantage over other sites.

Increased conversion and profit

Increasing the organic traffic on the website, combined with activities aimed at improving the usability of the page and making it easier for the user to navigate leads to measurable results in the form of increased conversions and revenue from the online store SEO channel.

Long-term effects

Optimization of the online store in terms of SEO allows you to get lasting results in the search engine results. Unlike other forms of internet marketing, SEO activities strengthen your site's position in the Google ranking, and the effects achieved will not weather after the campaign has ended. E-commerce positioning is based on a long-term strategy that leads to comprehensive development of the e-store and maximizing its profits. The investment in SEO is long-term, but its ROI, which indicates the reimbursement of costs incurred, is usually the highest compared to forms of online promotion.

Positioning of an online store – how it is done? 

Check out the most frequently asked questions about e-commerce SEO:

Online store positioning. Where to start?

Work on complex websites, such as online stores, requires a detailed SEO audit, which aims at eliminating errors limiting the visibility of categories and products in the search engine. The first stage is therefore a technical analysis of the site, including aspects such as indexing, crawl budget and page speed.

What do we do after the technical analysis of the e-commerce website?

The next stage is determining the potential of keywords related to categories and products important for the site. Next, we match each phrase to the appropriate subpage. On this basis, we create guidelines for titles, headers and content on the site. To complement these recommendations, the analysis of competition and their keywords is conducted. Thanks to these data, we can prepare a long-term strategy including technical optimization of the site, content marketing activities and link building.

How much does positioning an online store cost?

The cost of positioning an online store is determined individually during the offer negotiating. In the case of e-commerce, the most beneficial method is success fee model - the agency's salary depends on the store revenue (win-win). We try to follow this principle when agreeing on the settlement model.

What store platforms do we work with?

We fear no CMS - we have experience in positioning online stores based on various types of content management systems. The more popular ones include SaaS (Shoper, IdoSell), Open Source (PrestaShop, Magento). We also offer a secure online store migration to another platform.

What is included in the e-commerce SEO service? 

The positioning of complex websites, such as online stores, requires developing long-term strategies and systematic work on category and product pages optimization. When working on e-commerce sites, we focus on the following elements:

On-site SEO analysis of the online store

We check all types of subpages on the site - the main page, category pages, producers, products, blog entries - in terms of technical SEO and the quality of content. We examine internal linking and website structure. The optimization of the category tree strengthens all SEO activities and translates into quick results such as increased website visibility in search results and generating valuable traffic. To summarize the on-site analysis of the website we conduct the SEO audit, in which we describe exactly how to solve problems occurring on the website.

Recommendations for category pages and product views

We prepare recommendations for subpages of the website that have the largest share in generating traffic and revenue on the site. We create guidelines for page titles, headers and content. To strengthen the positioning of product, we recommend implementing elements that attract users' attention such as ratings or reviews.

E-commerce UX

We conduct a preliminary analysis of the user experience of the site and recommend changes that will improve its usability and encourage potential customers to buy your product / service. The UX analysis of the website allows you to detect and fix errors appearing on the purchase path of a potential customer, which results in increased conversions and higher revenues.

Link building strategy

The e-commerce website linking strategy is based on the seasonality of the most important product categories and brands. Links are obtained from high-quality domains where articles are thematically related to the linked product category.


Every month you will receive a report on the effects of our activities which includes information on traffic, position of key phrases and revenues obtained from organic search results. In the file you will also find examples of links added to your website and a list of our actions.

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