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Each site migration caused by switching to a different website engine or domain requires an appropriate SEO support in order not to lose the previously developed effects in the form of visibility in the search engine and organic traffic. Incorrectly moved URL structure and faulty redirection can cause a significant drop in the position of key phrases and may lead to almost complete loss of entries from organic search results, which, in many industries, are the source of the most revenue generating traffic.
A well-done domain or engine change should result in increased traffic, not the opposite. For this to happen, the transfer must take place in a professional and secure manner. Check how we can help You in migrating Your site:

Website migration

We start preparations for migration well before the planned transfer. It is made sure that all the most important subpages are reflected on the new page and, basing on its structure, a redirection map indicating to which addresses all current pages on the website should be redirected is prepared.

Rebranding and domain change

Changing a domain, which may result from the rebranding dictated by business decisions, involves modification of the addressing of an entire website. To prevent the loss of valuable traffic, it is necessary to properly redirect each page of the site. In addition to standard procedures associated with SEO migration, we check the history of the domain to which your site is being moved. In the case of a completely new domain, we help to build its authority through link building activities.

WordPress site migration

Moving pages based on WordPress engine is subject to the same rules as other types of migration. Fortunately, as far as this kind of CMS is concerned, there are numerous tools that can help us automate the entire process. As usual, it is crucial to analyse thoroughly the whole content and key pages in order to build a redirect map that will reflect this structure in the new site.

E-commerce platform migration

When you run a fast-growing online store, you may need a new platform that can handle more orders. We will take care of the migration of your website to Magento, PrestaShop or any other selected CMS we will prepare a redirect map and pay attention to an appropriate technical optimization of the website, including the loading speed of the page on a new engine.

Why choose us to migrate Your site? 

We will help you through the difficult process of changing the domain or engine safely, without serious drops in positioning. Our offer includes:

Maintaining and subsequent increasing of organic movement

The success of the migration depends largely on the duration of the entire SEO process. If the whole undertaking is done quickly and faultlessly, the inevitable fluctuations of key phrases positioning can be minimalized. To improve site migration, we create an action plan and a checklist of items that should be taken care of after the implementation. We also examine seasonality in a given industry to advise the optimal moment to change a CMS or domain. Then the migration can be done during the period of slowdown. In this way, the risk of errors that could negatively affect the level of traffic and the revenues it generates is limited.

Correct indexing

The first step after implementing a new page is to conduct a detailed analysis. Based on the data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we prepare a list of addresses that generate the largest traffic, revenue and have the highest number of link leads - we begin with crawling the most important pages for the site to immediately detect any possible problems. Next, we perform a comprehensive crawl of the site to search for errors such as subpages with 404 error or incorrectly redirected internal links from the old version of the site. We help in updating the XML sitemap and submit a new page in Search Console, thus accelerating the website crawling process in the search engine.

Correct counting of organic traffic

We check the tracking codes implementation in the new version of the site to be sure that traffic data are collected properly after the migration.

Analysing domain history

Thanks to our history analysis of Your new domain, complications associated with the old content of the site that could negatively affect current results will be avoided.

Elements of page migration activities 

A page migration is a complex process that consists of analysing the current page, moving the site itself and checking the correct implementation of its new version. These activities include:

Redirect map preparation

A redirect map creation - a list of all addresses of the current site that will change during migration and also subpages in the new version to which they should be redirected. Earlier preparation of a redirect plan is a prerequisite for secure site relocation.

Quality content transfer

We make sure that valuable content such as categories, product descriptions and blog entries have been moved to the new version of the website. We also adapt the content to the new site architecture.

New meta tags creation or migration

We indicate how to transfer title and meta description tags from the previous version of the site, or we prepare new ones if the content of the page has changed. We also take care of the proper migration of other invisible elements such as alternative graphics descriptions.

Sitemap update

After migrating the page, a sitemap must be generated again to include information about URLs and images from the new version of the site. We update the sitemap in Google Search Console, which helps robots understand the changed structure of the site and speed up the indexing process.

Developer website version verification

The recommended method of new website implementation is to introduce audit changes in the development version before indexation. It this way, it is possible to avoid generating errors in the working website and consequently, prevent the loss of effects developed so far. We verify changes made to the site and consult its final form with developers, therefore problems are resolved in the test version and have no adverse impact on SEO.

Error monitoring

After implementing the new website, we report it for indexation in Search Console and monitor the progress. We detect possible errors on the new page on an ongoing basis and send recommendations for their repair.

Expert Comment 


The key to properly migrating the site is to create a migration plan which will include pre-implementation tests. It is important because the fate of a domain’s organic results depends solely on the correctness and comprehensiveness of this plan. There are many types of migration, but we will focus on the most popular ones: HTTPS implementation, multiple pages merging, domain or addresses change and page redesign. During the process, we consider not only the SEO but also UX, content and analytical aspects to ensure a smooth transition. Do you need migration? Drop us a line and tell what’s on your mind.
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