We are a 360 performance agency

The values represented by the Semahead logo are directly inscribed in both the genotype of the entire agency and each department. Hence, the triumvirate of the values is expressed with the triangle. The sign created in this way illustrates every fragment of our competences, the set of which constitutes the emblem of the full 360 offer. The synergy of these values builds a universal manual for everyday work of each of the Semahead experts – regardless of the area of expertise.

Three pillars: knowledge, strategy, technology are the most important values for us which consistently lead our campaigns to the avant-garde of Polish performance marketing.

  • Knowledge



    In the era of dynamic digital marketing, it’s not enough to work properly. Competences must be integrated into the organization’s continuous development process hence the use of knowledge is an indispensable part of the agency’s activities. That is why at Semahead we constantly educate – ourselves and our clients. We understand that our knowledge gives us an advantage over our competitors.

    Innovative digital marketing training

    The most up-to-date blog for marketing experts in Poland

    Our experts are speakers at leading industry conferences

    We run academic classes at the university

  • Strategy



    The path to achieving goals is to take focused measures that cannot be determined solely by ambition. At Semahead, ambition always goes hand in hand with strategy. We plan according to the developed methodology, which results in our being sure of the assumptions made later.

    We create strategies using the SOSTAC model

    We create innovations using design thinking

    We build dedicated sales funnels based on the P-RACE methodology

    We build engaging brands and product campaigns

  • Technology



    The accelerating factor is the tools and the ability to attribute them – a necessary element in the fight for victory. Equipped with knowledge, we build a strategy which is to be implemented using the best available technology. For ourselves and all our projects.

    We automate digital marketing processes

    We scan the attribution paths on all channels

    We monitor the media using leading systems

    We have proven and effective technological facilities


Current activities should always be monitored from different perspectives. When working with data, intuition and subjective evaluation of the whole is not enough. Difficult decisions must be made based on hard facts and figures. Therefore, the analysis process is permanently integrated into the work of all Semahead teams.

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