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Positioning of online stores

Positioning an online store allows you to achieve greater organic traffic on the site, which, combined with the website UX analysis and optimization of the shopping path, means increased conversion and increased revenues in your store.

The e-commerce market in Poland is constantly developing, and the response to the dynamically growing demand is the increasing number of online stores. Strong competition in the industry requires taking actions that will ensure the visibility of the website in the search engine and help reach potential customers.

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Reaching customers

Free Search is the source of the most profitable traffic for many stores. Advances in technology have influenced the way consumers buy products – most of them use the search engine before making a purchase decision. Positioning and optimization of the online store, thanks to which the website is displayed on queries entered by users, allow reaching a large group of potential customers.

Success in the e-commerce market

Visibility in search engine translates into the number of visits to your website. The more customers know about its existence, the better sales you can achieve. The goal of e-commerce SEO activities is constant optimization. and taking care of the development of the website so as to promote the products and categories in the store’s offer and give it a competitive advantage over those competing for attention website users. < / span> </ p >

Increase in conversions and revenues

Increasing organic traffic on the website combined with activities aimed at improving the usability of the website and making it easier for users. and site navigation, leads to measurable results in terms of conversion and revenue growth from your online store SEO channel.

Long-term effects

Online store optimization in terms of SEO it allows you to obtain Persistent search results. Contrary to other forms of internet marketing, SEO activities strengthen your website’s position in the Google ranking, and the achieved results last long after the campaign ends. E-commerce positioning is based on a long-term strategy which leads to comprehensive development of the e-store and maximization of its profits. The SEO investment is long-term but its ROI, indicating y for return costs incurred, is most often the highest among other forms of website promotion on the web.

What will you get?

When working on e-commerce websites, we focus on elements such as:

On-site SEO analysis of an online store

We check all types of subpages on the website – home page, category pages, manufacturers, products, blog entries – in terms of technical SEO and the quality of their content. We examine internal linking and website structure . The category tree optimization strengthens all SEO activities and translates into quick results, such as increased visibility of the website in search results and generating valuable traffic. On- analysis summary site site is an SEO audit of an online store, in which we describe exactly how to solve problems in the site.

Recommendations for category pages and product views
E-commerce UX
Link building strategy
Activity reporting

Case study

Check how we increased organic traffic by 1000% thanks to SEO efforts in the legal industry.


  • Thanks to the work of SEO experts, we implemented the proposed changes to our website, improving its visibility.

    A properly implemented linkbuilding strategy increased its position in the search engine. It is worth mentioning that working with the Semahead Agency is pure pleasure. Since its inception, our company has recorded regular increases, thanks to the work of experts who not only know the industry well, but also understand our business. Professionalism, high quality and excellent communication are the basis of our cooperation. Bearing in mind the overall cooperation and the results achieved, I recommend the Semahead Agency as a trustworthy partner who has a real impact on the business results of our company.

    Mateusz Ciba - Project Manager
  • The Semahead agency provides us with services in the field of PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, web analytics and Social Media.

    We appreciate the professional approach of specialists, which is manifested in the knowledge of the market and great commitment to building the image of the Black Red White brand on the Internet. I recommend the Semahead agency as a trustworthy partner in conducting internet marketing activities.

    Magdalena Matela - Manager e-commerce
  • Semahead Agency is a unique group of experienced SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Analytics and Marketing Automation experts who are eager to share their knowledge and help in discovering the most effective ways of business development.

    Professional approach, customer service and the ability to communicate on both sides, unparalleled in the market, make Semahead a trustworthy partner. Throughout the period of our cooperation, they have built enormous trust, incl. thanks to the much-needed critical thinking skills, both to the client’s propositions and ideas, and to their own strategies or results.

    Mateusz Piszczek - Digital Marketing Manager
  • Professional, fruitful and pleasant cooperation. Semahead has been with us since 2016 and we can no longer imagine SEO activities for without them.

    The organically growing player base is a key issue for us, and thanks to the Agency, the charts are growing again. We appreciate a flexible approach to our changing needs and patience. The constant possibility of consulting with Semahead experts is invaluable, and besides … we just like each other 🙂

    The Gamedesire team
  • We have been cooperating with Semahead in the field of SEO for a very long time.

    What we value most is the professional and individual approach to the client, constant and always problem-free contact, as well as the opportunity to meet at any time and discuss individual activities. I recommend Semahead to everyone who is looking for an SEO agency with a modern approach and a competent team.

    KEI team


Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about e-commerce SEO services.

Positioning the online store. Where to start?

Working on complex websites such as online stores requires a detailed SEO audit to eliminate errors limiting the visibility of categories and products in the search engine. The first step is therefore the technical analysis of the website, including aspects such as indexing, crawl budget or website speed.

Positioning the online store. Where to start?
What activities do we carry out after the technical analysis of the e-commerce website?
How much does online store positioning cost?
What store platforms do we position?

Working on complex websites such as online stores requires a detailed SEO audit to eliminate errors limiting the visibility of categories and products in the search engine. The first step is therefore the technical analysis of the website, including aspects such as indexing, crawl budget or website speed.

The next step is to determine the potential of keywords related to categories and products important to the website and to match each phrase to the appropriate subpage. On this basis, we create guidelines for the titles, headings and content of the website. These recommendations are complemented by the analysis of the competition and finding keywords for which the pages competing with our domain are visible. On the basis of this information, we prepare a long-term strategy including technical optimization of the website, content marketing activities and link building.

The cost of positioning an online store is determined individually at the offer stage. In the case of e-commerce, the most advantageous method of settlement is the success fee model, where the salary for the agency (win-win) increases with the store’s revenue. We try to follow this principle when agreeing the settlement model.

We are not afraid of any CMS – we have experience in positioning online stores based on various types of content management systems. The more popular of them include SaaS (Shoper, IdoSell), Open Source (PrestaShop, Magento). We also offer a safe online store migration service to another platform.

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