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SEO migrations of websites and online stores

Each site migration caused by switching to a different website engine or changing the domain requires an appropriate SEO support in order not to lose the previously achieved effects in the form of search engine visibility and organic traffic.

A well-performed domain or engine change should lead to an increase in the website. For this to happen, it must be transferred in a professional and safe manner. Check how we can help you with the migration of your website!

What’s in the offer?

  • Site migration
  • Rebranding and domain change
  • Moving WordPress Page
  • Migration of e-commerce platform

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Maintenance and subsequent increase in organic traffic

About the success of the migration SEO largely determines the duration of the entire process. The sooner it will be erugs and im the fewer errors will appear during the process, the smaller will be inevitable fluctuations in the position of key phrases after moving the page . To facilitate website migration, we develop an action plan and create checklist elements to be checked after deployment. We also examine seasonality in a given industry and advise the optimal time to change the CMS or domain so that it can be done within the period less interest of users in the website’s offer. This way minimize emy risk of errors that could negatively affect the level of traffic and revenue generated by it.

Correct indexing of the new page

The first step after implementation of a new page “> is to perform a detailed analysis of it. Based on data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console prepare a list of addresses w, which generate the most traffic and revenue, and to which p the largest number of links – the most important ones for the website we crawl first and we catch any problems immediately. Then we perform a comprehensive crawl of the website and search for errors such as subpages returning the 4040 response code or non-redirected internal links from the old version of the site. We help in updating sitemaps XML and report a new page in Search Console , thus speeding up the re-indexing process the site appears in the search engine.

Correct counting of organic traffic

We check the implementation of codes followers in the new version of the website, so that traffic data counts correctly after switching the website.

Domain history analysis

Thanks by we analyze the history of the domain to which you are going to move your website, you will avoid complications related to the old content of the site that may have a negative impact on the current results.

What will you get?

Website migration is a complex process, which consists of the analysis of the current website, the very process of website transfer and verification of the correct implementation of its new version. These activities include:

Preparation of a redirection map

The creature has by Redirects, i.e. lists of all addresses of the current website that will change during the migration and the subpages in the new version to which they should be redirected. A redirect plan in advance is a prerequisite for the safe transfer of your site.

Transfer of valuable content
Transfer or preparation of new meta tags
Sitemap update
Verification of the website's developer version
Error monitoring on the new one

Case study

Check how we increased organic traffic by 1000% thanks to SEO efforts in the legal industry.


  • Thanks to the work of SEO experts, we implemented the proposed changes to our website, improving its visibility.

    A properly implemented linkbuilding strategy increased its position in the search engine. It is worth mentioning that working with the Semahead Agency is pure pleasure. Since its inception, our company has recorded regular increases, thanks to the work of experts who not only know the industry well, but also understand our business. Professionalism, high quality and excellent communication are the basis of our cooperation. Bearing in mind the overall cooperation and the results achieved, I recommend the Semahead Agency as a trustworthy partner who has a real impact on the business results of our company.

    Mateusz Ciba - Project Manager
  • The Semahead agency provides us with services in the field of PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, web analytics and Social Media.

    We appreciate the professional approach of specialists, which is manifested in the knowledge of the market and great commitment to building the image of the Black Red White brand on the Internet. I recommend the Semahead agency as a trustworthy partner in conducting internet marketing activities.

    Magdalena Matela - Manager e-commerce
  • Semahead Agency is a unique group of experienced SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Analytics and Marketing Automation experts who are eager to share their knowledge and help in discovering the most effective ways of business development.

    Professional approach, customer service and the ability to communicate on both sides, unparalleled in the market, make Semahead a trustworthy partner. Throughout the period of our cooperation, they have built enormous trust, incl. thanks to the much-needed critical thinking skills, both to the client’s propositions and ideas, and to their own strategies or results.

    Mateusz Piszczek - Digital Marketing Manager
  • Professional, fruitful and pleasant cooperation. Semahead has been with us since 2016 and we can no longer imagine SEO activities for without them.

    The organically growing player base is a key issue for us, and thanks to the Agency, the charts are growing again. We appreciate a flexible approach to our changing needs and patience. The constant possibility of consulting with Semahead experts is invaluable, and besides … we just like each other 🙂

    The Gamedesire team
  • We have been cooperating with Semahead in the field of SEO for a very long time.

    What we value most is the professional and individual approach to the client, constant and always problem-free contact, as well as the opportunity to meet at any time and discuss individual activities. I recommend Semahead to everyone who is looking for an SEO agency with a modern approach and a competent team.

    KEI team


The party's situation and competition analysis:

The first step in a website audit is SEO analysis of the website’s current situation. The most important tools that give insight into website statistics are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Using Google Anlytics, we analyze website traffic and user engagement, while Search Console provides information on the status of its indexing. In Senuto, we select the biggest competitors competing with the website for visibility for the most important keywords.

Selection of key phrases
Website structure analysis
Google Tools
Link profile analysis

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